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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends: Curated For Your Power Dressing Style

Style over fashion. Authenticity over trends. We too share these ideals but do recognize that power dressing should be fan, and where basic staples build up your wardrobe, accessories and befitting trend additions give it edge. We scoured catwalk photos on spring 2017 fashion trends and arrived at a list of fashion forward looks that will complement and add trendy edge to your power dressing aesthetic.

1. Statement stripes

We’d wear them vertically on wide-legged pants for a sophisticated play on volume, but they will work just as well on a blazer or a blouse.


2. 80s silhouettes

Bring back an era with corset-thin waists, voluminous shoulders and playful flirty hemlines. If a full silhouette’s too much, keep it to your top.

Heard of Nicki Minaj’s Paris Fashion Week Outfit? A top like that one. Just without the bared nipple!


3. Stylish shoulder

Bring out your single shoulder tops, and pull off edgy cutouts on one shoulder on casual work outings.


4. Futuristic metallics

Embrace an impactfully stylish sheen


5. Florals

Add some spring cheer to your wardrobe with florals. You could do them on one half of your outfit, for instance on a full skirt. That doesn’t say decided as does wearing them from head to toe on a midi dress though.


6. Tasteful reveals

Always wanted to go sheer? It’s now fashion-forward!

Sneak peaks of beautiful skin in lace and sheers fabric. Or do sexy front slits and midriff and side cutouts.


7. Reclaimed pink

Own and reclaim pink pastels. It’s fashion forward, it’s unapologetically feminine, it’s powerful worn powerfully.


8. Sleeve drama

Your cape sleeves are still gorgeous, just not trendy. Keep to them because authenticity. But for trendy edge, do volumes and slits.


9. Bold accessories

Mix and match long earrings, wear navel-grazing thick chains, do bold cuffs. And our favorite part, rock block heels — they are comfy and you can still spring tall.

Happy power dressin’!
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