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At Chic Shega, Ethiopian Artistic Tradition And Healing Are One

We can only imagine the horror of friends and family when Elsa Adane decided to leave medical school in Addis Ababa. Chic Shega, a brand name that means “beautiful things” and whose identity she figured would become synonymous with creative brilliance, would come to constitute her passionate pursuit since.

Elsa’s understanding of brilliance comes laden with meaningful significance. Her designs are simple yet impeccably executed. Where the imperfections of leather that escapes over-processing and treatment lend a raw authenticity to her items, the perfection of thoughtful conception that places each stitch and seam as it should be lends timeless elegance to their design.

Chic Shega on Yakutti

The Chic Shega boutique on Yakutti features handmade fashion accessories. Artisans, with whom Elsa partners, use leather from a local tannery to make earthily bags, crossbodies, clutches and totes out of the beautiful designs she conceives. Borrowing from centuries-old spinning and weaving Ethiopian traditions, they also make great-looking scarves and other textiles.

A brand living up to its values

The future can only get more brilliant for Elsa. She hopes to expand her current offerings and to diversify her brand’s product lines to include natural healing products and cosmetics. A candle from Chic Shega will not just be fragranced. It will be attentively infused with aromatherapy to facilitate complete wellbeing.

Elsa might have left a medical school once, but she was not disagreeing with healing itself. She would go on to forge a path in which healing was her art, in which healing was tradition beautifully laced with meaning and thoughtfulness.


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