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Designer Spotlight: Designer Jewelry You Can Love From Niku Singh

Designer jewelry collections from Niku Singh are a rare combination of timelessness and boldness, of simple elegance and ornate magnificence. They will work glamorous wonder for your wardrobe. Just as easily as they will for your favorite East African music band!

We are not the only big fans of Niku Channa’s creative genius at Niku Singh. In 2014, Niku Singh won the “Best Designer of the Year” and the “Best Accessory Designer of the Year” awards at Mercedez Benz Fashion Festival in Accra, and this year, Niku Singh topped the Fashion & Design Category at the Kenya Sikh Achievers Awards.

Yet, what draws us to Niku Singh designer jewelry are not the awards. We are drawn to the decidedly distinctive character without which the novelty of his designs would be impossible, and to the talented passion without which the thoughtful details in his pieces would be absent.

We are fascinated that even the simplest of pieces carry the allure of unusual twists, and that even the most elaborate of pieces escape pretentiousness by exhibiting the raw authenticity of careful handcrafting. As far as brand values go, we are huge admirers of  the insistence to hand-make Niku Singh collections locally.

Visit Niku Singh’s boutique on Yakutti to see more and create an account to follow his brand and design updates.


Ordering bespoke from Niku Singh

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To order bespoke designs customized to your event or taste, use our general bespoke form.

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