Timelessly spirited for spring & summer 2019

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"My accessories are all designed and assembled in Rwanda. We source material from the cooperatives around the beautiful villages, at the local craft markets in Kigali, and also from my childhood cities like Nairobi, Kampala and Dar e salaam. This way each piece is truly African."

Suhaa Schmitz Kigali, Rwanda

Beautiful ceramic pendants, hang nonchalantly from a string, in an effortless look that is as easy to maintain and to own as your carefree wanderings to some place sandy or wild

Effortlessly traveled

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Ground your colorful mixed florals with pendants in neutral hues

Accessorizing florals

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Accessorize with color that adds to your outfit's color block for poised elegance

Beautiful color blocks

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Add touches of sparkly color to your neutral outfits with beautifully colored pendants

Touches of color

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Delightfully handcrafted

Boho chic from across the world for the free-spirited

Ceramic pendants, satin strings, handwoven sisal, inspiration for Suhaa Schmitz proceeds from fun blends of materials sourced from across East Africa. She will then delightfully throw in a Swarovski crystal hither and thither. . . because everything’s just a little bit better with sparkle.

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