Kasi Martin

Complacency is often an easier and happier alternative to self-aware and critical engagement, and the latter takes thoughtful and deliberate effort. Effort that Kasi didn’t shy away from when she left her marketing stint in luxury fashion. Today, she redefines a fashion world that is at once intellectual and style-forward, through her ethical and sustainable fashion blog, The Peahen, and through her leadership and initiative in events and professional groups that champion ethics and sustainability in fashion, such as the Ethical Writers & Creatives.

From Kasi Martin . . .

One of the most rewarding things I have done is

speaking about sustainable fashion in the US at Global Sustainable Fashion Week in Budapest. It was challenging in pushing myself into an unknown territory and expanded my networking in the eco-fashion world. I learned a ton about the challenges other countries face as well.

For me making a difference means

existing in the world and enjoying my life while still being purpose driven and using my talents to the betterment of society. Speaking my mind candidly about things that are wrong so they can begin to be fixed. Also, collaborating with others and employing empathy in everything I do.

I am currently reading

Loved Clothes Last – Fashion Revolution’s Fanzine 002 – it’s filled with amazing information about who made our clothes and complex issues in the fashion supply chain.

The Invention of Nature by Alexander von Humboldt’s New World. I love books that explore nature, especially from an anthropological perspective. This presents some really unique ideas that will shake your preconceived notions about how the natural world works and its interactions.

My go-to accessory is

simple but elegant studs I can sleep in and still be chic when I roll out of bed. For night, a big statement ring. I’m also dying to get some bone-colored oversized hoop earrings.

My favorite place in the world is

Milano. I studied abroad there and still have a yearning for the city. I love how it’s rooted in heritage but still innovative. All the design has a cutting-edge sculptural look. It’s a little more put together than Paris, a little more ‘rule following’ than New York, but it has its own sense of rule bending. Architecture and industrial design are big there and I like how you can see how the various design sectors fuse and riff on each other.

Follow Kasi’s work on her blog, The Peahen, and on her Instagram pages here and here.

Kasi Martin styled at Yakutti!

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