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#MeToo and fighting sexual harassment

On Aziz Defenders and The 100 French Women: Holding Empathetic #MeToo Conversations About Sexual Harassment

100 influential French women signed a letter protesting the #MeToo movement. According to them, men should be free to “touch a knee”, “steal a kiss”, and talk intimacy at business dinners. Brigitte Bardot, an actress that signed the letters, called the movement “ridiculous” and “hypocritical,” saying that she found  “you’ve got a nice little backside” […]

Fashion Resolutions 2017: After Impactful Style

Buy treasures With landfills fast filling with fast fashion, buying for keeps and for durability can only get more important. We not only get to play a small role in contributing to a cleaner planet, we also get to more presently experience and participate in the shopping process whether by spending much more less often, […]

Michelle Obama: Authenticity And Style Lessons You Can Keep

That representation is important is only so visibly illustrated in a love letter penned to Michelle Obama in the New York Times.   Michelle Obama was speaking. I felt protective of her because she was speaking to an America often too quick to read a black woman’s confidence as arrogance, her straightforwardness as entitlement. Chimamanda […]

female body image and the media

Nudity, Women, Art, Media: Liberated Or Oppressed?

What’s not to love about an ever going discussion about female nudity in pop culture, female body image and the media, and societal expectations about gender performance and appearance. The dichotomies are still the same. Proponents of a liberation movement in which women should be empowered to celebrate their bodies argue that nudity and revealing representations are […]