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Polished chic over teenage vogue: how to wear crop tops elegantly

There is nothing wrong with youthful fashion, but if you have been defining your personal style around sophistication and grown-up polish, the crop top might seem like an odd choice. But it isn’t. It is a fun alternative to your usual blouses and shirts. It is versatile and can be worn to be sexy and […]

Airport style: these 3 are the travel pro’s ideas for chic meets comfort

Don’t underestimate the semblance of calm and control that good airport style can give you in the face of awful layovers, unexpected delays and the tiring jostling of crowds. In the same way personal style grounds your identity and contributions elsewhere, airport style channels your best in a stressful environment that should otherwise channel your […]

How to style the modern power suit: power dressing lessons from Michelle Obama’s book tour were straightforward and effective

“You think I don’t know what rouge can do for bone structure?” Priscilla Garrick, a civil servant in 1940s Britain is questioning her underling, Feef Symonds, for attracting the wrong kind of attention — the kind that distracts men and destroys potential. With her pinned-up hair and unflattering grey power suit, she is determined to […]

4 chic ways to accessorize a color-blocked outfit

Color blocking is fun, it’s stylish, and it’s the easiest method to power-dress with an impactful outfit that turns heads and makes you unforgettable. So how do you accessorize your color-blocked outfit just as powerfully? 1. Combine all your blocked colors in an accessory This is a tall order, but we think it’s super cool! […]

3 super elegant ways to jazz up a monochromatic outfit

Your wardrobe has endless possibilities once you learn how to accessorize it. And because many of us tend towards wardrobe additions in our favorite colors or shades of it, it is not unusual to have seemingly unpairable pieces in similar shades. Seemingly unpairable because you have probably read editorials discouraging pairing black and grays, different […]

spring 2018 fashion trends

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends:The 4 Looks To Make Authentically Your Own

This spring, we are canvassing spring 2018 fashion trends looking for styles to make authentically ours. We will be power dressing for impactful elegance, as usual, but as layers become breathable, sunnier, we are channeling some of that lightness in beautiful pastels and tinges of flower.   Let’s get all set for spring!   1. […]

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