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When African Fashion Can Depart From “African Inspired” Labeling

African-inspired. Afropolitan. Cross-bred styles. Hybrid tastes. They are terms that we know to well, and which seem to constitute the vocabulary of many a fashion entrepreneur, designer and executive that traces roots to Africa. Why does design have to be African inspired? Why do our fashion tastes have to be hybrids between African and something else? […]

Afropolitanism: An Identity Crisis? A Commoditizing Force?

Afropolitan. Taiye Selasi is credited with having coined the term. It describes the newest generation of Africans emigrants, transnational Africans in the world. Selasi is articulating the identity of “brown skinned people” who without a solid sense of “blackness” and often seen by their African families as “acting too white” might “get lost in transnation”. Her aim, […]

Hot-Pants Verbot: Women’s Choices And Revealing Clothes

Cities in Uganda, Malawi and Kenya have seen idling men strip women, apparently for wearing revealing clothes. At this year’s 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards, Julianna Margulies worn the ”most undressed” title, according to Hollywood tabloids. We didn’t know that was a thing, but it probably can be expected after Rihanna’s all-sheer-but-for-some-Swarovski-crystals gown last year. An insatiable media dubbed […]

Styling The Pantsuit: Even The Vogue Praises Hillary Clinton’s

“I see a lot of familiar faces here tonight including one or two who inexplicably haven’t been accused of sleeping with me.” Fitz, the American president in one of my once favorite TV shows jokes at a White House Correspondents Dinner. He’s following Olivia Pope’s advice that he should mock his own image. Laughing at himself […]

Power Dressing: Does The Modern Woman Have A Choice?

Professional women today don’t have to wear suits with straight sharp lines and shoulder pads as did women in the 80s. It’s a triumphant departure from those days. Or so articles on modern power dressing declare. The flaunted triumph feels incomplete however. These articles do not describe a freedom in which women make free choices. Rather, […]

So You Are Graduating?

You made it! You will want to look and feel great, for yourself, but also for all the doting friends and family. The pictures you take will undoubtedly make their way to stately frames in at least one home for years to come. Even if they don’t (unlikely), there will be many occasions when they […]

The Crop Top! It’s Stylish. It’s In Vogue.

The crop top! Many stylish women that keep off of the crop top view the bare midriff with a mixture of awe and reserve, think that a crop top only barely fits the image they seek to project in their careers and networks, are unsure they can pull off the look, or are waiting to achieve their fitness goals […]