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Fashion, Feminism and Politics

#MeToo and fighting sexual harassment

On Aziz Defenders and The 100 French Women: Holding Empathetic #MeToo Conversations About Sexual Harassment

100 influential French women signed a letter protesting the #MeToo movement. According to them, men should be free to “touch a knee”, “steal a kiss”, and talk intimacy at business dinners. Brigitte Bardot, an actress that signed the letters, called the movement “ridiculous” and “hypocritical,” saying that she found  “you’ve got a nice little backside” […]

Brigitte Macron Style Inspirations

Those Brigitte Macron Style A-Line Minis! But Yeah, That “7 Or 8 Children Per Woman” Statement Was Racist.

We love that the French first family’s mere existence challenges notions about age and gender. And we especially love the Brigitte Macron style that seems to have taken, deliberately or not, an anti-ageist stance. Regardless, the French President might just have fallen down a peg or two in our books, following his incredibly simplistic argument […]

Goodbye to the pantsuit?

No, not yet. Maybe never. Most likely, never. Definitely never. Pantsuits are here to stay. The Daily Mail ran a feature on a “weary-looking” Hillary after her makeup-less appearance at the Children’s Defense Fund gala. The ugliness of the US Presidential election, in which women had “blood coming from [] wherever”, in which women were […]

Lemonade Earned Beyoncé A CFDA Award: Fashion And Diversity

Beyoncé wouldn’t have deserved the CFDA fashion icon award before Lemonade, the Washington Post argued. The visual album reveled in a multiplicity of conflicting emotions, as its costuming did in a multiplicity of styles and eras. There was no clear category, no cohesive character, just a powerful illustration that life’s a mess, and so are emotions, […]

female body image and the media

Nudity, Women, Art, Media: Liberated Or Oppressed?

What’s not to love about an ever going discussion about female nudity in pop culture, female body image and the media, and societal expectations about gender performance and appearance. The dichotomies are still the same. Proponents of a liberation movement in which women should be empowered to celebrate their bodies argue that nudity and revealing representations are […]

Made In Africa: Our Consumption And Reversing Vicious Cycles

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, an exhibition on the “Kongo: Power and Majesty” runs until January 3, 2016. Part of the exhibition is an installation of Mangaaka, figures commissioned by 19th century Kongo chiefs, to act as public works of art reinforcing the civic sovereignty of the Kongo civilization even as it faced increasing […]

Afropolitanism: An Identity Crisis? A Commoditizing Force?

Afropolitan. Taiye Selasi is credited with having coined the term. It describes the newest generation of Africans emigrants, transnational Africans in the world. Selasi is articulating the identity of “brown skinned people” who without a solid sense of “blackness” and often seen by their African families as “acting too white” might “get lost in transnation”. Her aim, […]

Hot-Pants Verbot: Women’s Choices And Revealing Clothes

Cities in Uganda, Malawi and Kenya have seen idling men strip women, apparently for wearing revealing clothes. At this year’s 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards, Julianna Margulies worn the ”most undressed” title, according to Hollywood tabloids. We didn’t know that was a thing, but it probably can be expected after Rihanna’s all-sheer-but-for-some-Swarovski-crystals gown last year. An insatiable media dubbed […]

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