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How to wear long earrings:You’ve been styling them all wrong

We make a coherent assessment of people with the information that is immediately and easily available to us. The face happens to be the first source of information we have when we meet people, and while subsequent sources of information may challenge our first assessment, psychologically we tend to have a bias for confirming what […]

Cuff Bracelets: Style Your Cuff and Slay Minimalist Chic

There’s an art to cuff bracelets from Niku Singh. This one has decidedly polished simple clean lines. Add that to the silver white of aluminium, and to an interesting overlapping of asymmetrically pointed ends, and you have an elegant cuff bracelet that doesn’t need to try too hard to get noticed, and yet gets noticed […]

Towards A Sophisticated Wardrobe: Elegant Jewelry Sets

Sophistication is in the eye of the beholder. This statement is only a little further from the truth. Ultimately we will have a different opinions for how closely styles fall on the sophistication scale, but there is an expectation that defining sophistication is a polished elegance, a self-assured confidence that alluring splendor is possible with only […]

How To Wear A Long Necklace: Dainty Sets Styled

**updated** The long delicate necklace, especially one with an elegant pendant, possesses the beautiful ability to add a subtle yet confident charm to any outfit. Here’s how to wear a long necklace, and how to style some dainty pieces from Yakutti’s designer boutiques, Kipato Unbranded and Niku Singh. 1. Dress up plain solid-colored tops You […]

How To Style A Sculptural Wooden Bangle: Zunguka Bangle

It defines sculptural, it screams statement, and it’s so uniquely elegant in black and gold. You could style it however you want, after all the bold don’t mind redefining fashion faux pas. That said, our favorite look has this unique wooden bangle co-accessorized with dainty rings in gold, and with a 3-necklaces stack, also dainty […]

Wooden Jewelry: Your Sculptural Sasa Ring Styled

The richness of the Jackfruit tree lends vibrancy to even the simplest of wooden ring designs, and for this piece, this vibrance is elegantly balanced out by the blacks of the African blackwood. This understated elegance makes it a perfect piece for stacking with your dainty stackable set of golden rings, and even should stacking […]

Styling Dainty Necklaces: How to layer necklaces

If you have hanged out at Ysttyle severally before, you know that we love dressing powerfully. No piece of jewelry have we found to transform our outfits into powerful impact than the statement necklace. Turns out, embracing the art and fun that is styling and stacking dainty necklace pieces can have glamorous results too. See below for […]