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Power Dressing

How to style the modern power suit: power dressing lessons from Michelle Obama’s book tour were straightforward and effective

“You think I don’t know what rouge can do for bone structure?” Priscilla Garrick, a civil servant in 1940s Britain is questioning her underling, Feef Symonds, for attracting the wrong kind of attention — the kind that distracts men and destroys potential. With her pinned-up hair and unflattering grey power suit, she is determined to […]

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends: Curated For Your Power Dressing Style

Style over fashion. Authenticity over trends. We too share these ideals but do recognize that power dressing should be fan, and where basic staples build up your wardrobe, accessories and befitting trend additions give it edge. We scoured catwalk photos on spring 2017 fashion trends and arrived at a list of fashion forward looks that […]

Fall Fashion 2016: Choices For The Power Dressed And Runway Trendy

Gorgeous fall colors and perfect temperatures call for as perfect a wardrobe. We scoured the style magazines and fashion weeks for fall fashion 2016 for trendy outfits that make the cut for a power-driven wardrobe, and here’s some inspiration for exciting addition that are both powerful and trendy.     Fall palettes Borrow from your […]

Power Dressing: Does The Modern Woman Have A Choice?

Professional women today don’t have to wear suits with straight sharp lines and shoulder pads as did women in the 80s. It’s a triumphant departure from those days. Or so articles on modern power dressing declare. The flaunted triumph feels incomplete however. These articles do not describe a freedom in which women make free choices. Rather, […]