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Summer 2017 Party Outfit Trends Inspired by Kelly's 80s San Junipero

Our Top 3 Party Outfit Trends This Summer Are Steals From San Junipero 80s

The future is bright in San Junipero where younger versions of the dead can live for eternity thanks to a virtual reality system that uploads their consciousness. If you haven’t watched Black Mirror’s 4th episode, you should, and lucky for you it’s streaming on Netflix. Thereafter, steal Kelly’s party looks because the 80s are in […]

3 Tips To Style The Boho Trend Like a Pro This Summer

Nothing says carefree summer style quite like the boho trend. Lightweight fabrics in bright, cheerful colors set the mood for a season of fun, frivolity and flirty fashion. The key to boho summer dressing is to look like you haven’t tried too hard. Think boho style darlings like Kate Moss, Vanessa Hudgens and Sienna Miller […]

Michelle Obama: Authenticity And Style Lessons You Can Keep

That representation is important is only so visibly illustrated in a love letter penned to Michelle Obama in the New York Times.   Michelle Obama was speaking. I felt protective of her because she was speaking to an America often too quick to read a black woman’s confidence as arrogance, her straightforwardness as entitlement. Chimamanda […]

athleisure in 2017

Athleisure in 2017: All a girl wants are Pockets, style, and comfort

No trend better exemplifies our increasing embrace of choices that are individually comfortable than athleisure in 2017. A pair of good heels do feel and look sexy. How else do you get to channel your inner Olivia Pope? Or Claire Underwood? Regardless, we slowly are working towards an appreciation for diverse style choices, we are increasingly […]

Should you too join Alicia Keys’ No-Makeup Movement?

“Do you,” was Alicia Key’s response to disapproval following her makeup-free appearance at the VMAs. ‘Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing. We do think there’s something to be said for […]

Your Athleisure Wardrobe: Let’s Wear Yoga Pants To The Office!

We have certainly come a long way from the age when women gasped for air in their excruciating corsets. Fashion insiders seem undecided about what to make of the athleisure trend — that in vogue trend in which athletic gear has become everyday wear. Is it fashionable to laze around in gym clothes? Is the […]

Our Fashion Inspiration This Week: Gisele Bündchen Olympics Strut

Not everyone was wowed by the Gisele Bündchen strut at the Olympics opening ceremony. They had a right to that opinion. From feelings that Bündchen did not represent Brazil’s diversity, to discontent that such an event was too ostentatious for a country mired in economic recession and political scandal, to wonder about what possible purpose […]

4 Favorite Styles From Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

There were strong bold prints, blocked color combinations, flowing volumes and playful hemlines. Glamor, some of it understated and some of it ostentatious, graced a runway that, despite any of our reservations, was a beautiful celebration of African Fashion. We picked 4 favorite styles from Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. We might be adding them to our wardrobes […]

Fashion Trends: 5 Summer 2016 Obsessions

Timeless sophistication and distinct style fascinates us more than fashion trends do. Even then, we have a couple of favorites from current fashion trends. Explore our boards. Find your favorites with which to infuse some newness into your summer wardrobes.     The slip dress Easily slip into draping luxurious fabric, made into a gorgeous […]

Exciting Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Building An Exciting Spring Capsule Wardrobe:4 Sexy Additions

It’s that time of the year when we start looking forward to spring and missing all the springly fashion more acutely. We always scour the catwalks looking for exciting additions, but as it turns out, style trumps fashion most of the time, well, all the time to be honest. Here’s our list of 5 exciting […]

This Valentine’s: How To Not Have To Try Everything In Your Closet

The verdict is out! We are selecting from 3 outfits this valentine’s, if only to avoid emptying an entire wardrobe onto the bed and trying on everything we own, or  to escape hours of unfruitfully shopping for that which we might come to hate. Well, you probably will still do all of these things, but we […]

How To Ready Your Wardrobe For A Powerfully Elegant Year Ahead

Been staring underwhelmed at your wardrobe lately? It’s a sign. You need an upgrade. Hopefully some holiday gifts made things look up a bit. Even then, reconceptualizing your wardrobe to dress you up to be the person you hope to be in 2016, is  a sure way to lighten up your mornings and hype up your […]

One Of Fall’s Cool Corner Trend: Fringes Styled

It’s one of this season’s coolest trends, and yes, we are late catching up on it, which means you might be quite ahead of us! Fringes! Well-worn, they are bound to add an edgily sophisticated look to your outfit. The trick?Ensuring you end up edgy, not costumed up! To avoid turning your outfit into a […]

Color Blocking: Style A Powerful Outfit

Guess who else has mastered the art of color blocking, and can execute it flawlessly? Lupita!   Follow Yakutti’s board Stylish color-blocking on Pinterest.   Color blocking basics You’re going for epic. You want to look grand, to be the best dressed person in the room. Color blocking is discarding the need for invisibility, it […]