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The Art Of Layering: 5 Looks You Will Want To Layer This Season

If you live in the North, the season is here, when some of your most elegant outfits are either grossly under worn, or worn beneath layers and layers. The good news, is layering must not destroy your fashion. Once you’ve learned the art, dressing up over winter will become just as fun! We promise! Here […]

how to wear a statement necklace

If You Must Own A Necklace, Let It Make A Statement

It must come across by now. The fact that I love TV shows, especially those that have excellent costume designers and stylists dressing powerful women, those from which you find volumes in style inspiration including inspiration for how to wear a statement necklace. I should feel guilty about the amount of TV I can watch, […]

The 3 Sleeves That Will Add A Sophisticated Edge To Your Wardrobe

If the sleeve cuts on your outfit come as an afterthought when you are choosing your next wardrobe addition, they shouldn’t. Sleeves can add or take away from a flattering silhouette. Making the right choice changes everything. Any outfit with a “hem or opening that falls across a limb will draw the eye to its own […]

Refine Your Power Wardrobe With These 4 Fashion-Forward Fall Colors

“Color has an effect on our psyche, it’s always affecting us whether we are aware of it or not.” A color therapist told a new girl on the Vogue.com team. She was shy, and spent days quietly hunched over her computer. The story ends happily, with her wardrobe converted from it’s hitherto dark palette to a […]

Breaking The Don’t-Wear-White-After-Labor-Day Rule, Elegantly

We’re past Labor day. It essentially means, from the fashion world perspective, and by North Western standards, that wearing white attire is now a fashion faux pas. It made sense back then, at the turn of the 20th century. Belonging to a class meant consciously excluding those that were deemed unfit, and following some class-related […]

On A Power Lip Mission: How To choose Lipstick Colors That Work

“Girl, women are injecting their lips to fill them. Wear yours with pride.” “My dating life has changed since I started experimenting with my lipstick.” She winked at me. So I went digging on how to choose lipstick colors that work for your power and confidence wardrobe.   Size basics. In general, dark shades will make your […]

Your Power Wardrobe: Only A Few Current Catwalk Trends Make The Cut

“What should characterize powerful/aspiring women’s fashion? Should they adopt a different set of rules that vouches for cashmeres and heeled pumps or is complete freedom possible?” We mused over the concept of power dressing . Perhaps power dressing is really just a journey towards a comfortable self representation, and we admit, it is much more easily […]

The Pre-Fall Outfit To Keep Tabs On: How To Style Culottes

The palazzo pants’ cousins that don’t go all the way to the bottom, or so we chose to characterize them. That probably makes you want to steer clear as you’ve been doing already, but it turns out, pulling off a pair of culottes does not have to be that daunting. Additionally, they are a great choice […]

Women’s Choices: How To Wear Revealing Clothes

Revealing dressing does necessarily lead to an audience stripping a subject of all her mental capabilities – or shortly stated, it does not lead to objectification. This, we found out a while back. Scholarly discussions like these, conversations surrounding women empowerment, and even positive social media frenzy over incidences such as an Argentinian MP breastfeeding […]

Wide Legged Pants: ​Comfort Meets Fashion-Forward

Airy breezy comfortable elegance describes palazzo/wide legged pants, that happen to be in vogue, that can be worn for hot, warm and mildly cold seasons (read summer and fall), and that you can also individualize to fit your personal tastes. Moreover, you do need a break from skinny pants, which as it turns out, might […]

When African Fashion Can Depart From “African Inspired” Labeling

African-inspired. Afropolitan. Cross-bred styles. Hybrid tastes. They are terms that we know to well, and which seem to constitute the vocabulary of many a fashion entrepreneur, designer and executive that traces roots to Africa. Why does design have to be African inspired? Why do our fashion tastes have to be hybrids between African and something else? […]

Styling The Pantsuit: Even The Vogue Praises Hillary Clinton’s

“I see a lot of familiar faces here tonight including one or two who inexplicably haven’t been accused of sleeping with me.” Fitz, the American president in one of my once favorite TV shows jokes at a White House Correspondents Dinner. He’s following Olivia Pope’s advice that he should mock his own image. Laughing at himself […]

So You Are Graduating?

You made it! You will want to look and feel great, for yourself, but also for all the doting friends and family. The pictures you take will undoubtedly make their way to stately frames in at least one home for years to come. Even if they don’t (unlikely), there will be many occasions when they […]

The Crop Top! It’s Stylish. It’s In Vogue.

The crop top! Many stylish women that keep off of the crop top view the bare midriff with a mixture of awe and reserve, think that a crop top only barely fits the image they seek to project in their careers and networks, are unsure they can pull off the look, or are waiting to achieve their fitness goals […]