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How To Stack Bracelets: Get Started On Your Rihanna-worthy Edge

They may look like mismatched bracelets just randomly thrown on, but trust us – there is a fine art to learning how to stack bracelets. When it comes to your favorite bracelets, arm cuffs and time pieces, we show you how to stack yours to create your own unique work of art.

1. Work around Your Watch

This is a great look to wear to the office as it incorporates your time piece by adding simple accessories in a classic, elegant way.

Let’s say you regularly wear a watch with a black leather strap. Great add-ons to match it with are a leather wrap-around bracelet plus fine metallic pieces (depending on the metal used in your watch). Whatever you add to your stack, keep it all within the same color family to ensure a sleek, sophisticated look.


2. Mix Different Widths and Weights

If you have one bold item that is sure to make a statement, make it the highlight of one arm, or if a piece matches the color of your clothing, make it the base of your entire stack.

Next, simply add on a few bracelets of different widths but still in the same color family. The key is to ensure that a common thread runs through every individual piece stacked onto your arm.

We prefer stacking bracelets on a single arm instead of both. The other arm can be kept bare or more minimal with one or two accessories – an arm cuff, perhaps? This creates an edgy asymmetrical effect to your entire look.


3. Pick a Genre

Choose a mood or theme to match your bracelets to. This could be something like boho chic, metallics or a certain color scheme. The boho aesthetic, for example, would include earthy elements like woven fabrics, beads and strips of suede.

If you prefer something more dainty and feminine, you won’t go wrong with a selection of delicate, interesting pieces made of different metals. Yes, that means blending gold, silver and rose gold together in one stack of arm jewelry. The aim is to keep all the metals fine and wispy so they create a look that’s ethereal and very feminine.


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