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What To Wear To A Gala Dinner: Subversive Jewelry Inspiration From Met Gala 2017

What to wear to a gala dinner in 2017? If you were looking for jewelry inspiration from this year’s Met Gala red carpet, you must be sorely disappointed. As we are. Perhaps its the need to balance out Comme-des-Garçon-inspired unusual silhouettes that kept jewelry boldness and experimentation at a minimum.

Either way, we found a few pieces that bring your dissident authenticity to the fore. Good luck

The simple choker

Subversion could be understated, or so says Selena’s choice of a choker.

But what we really love about the choker is its long history of portraying significance, vulnerability, and power, all at once, which incidentally makes it a perfect accessory to an event thematically in honor of Rei Kawakubo’s defiance of convention and celebration of “inbetweenness.“


The complex choker

Olivia Pope prefers dainty understated chains, at least most of the time. But from Kerry, here’s your inspiration for multi-layered complexity.


Statement ear cuffs

For bold high fashion nights, add to the boldness of your pixie cuts, mo-hawks and side swept hairstyles.



The statement choker

We love it but wouldn’t pair it with statement earrings. But since we are defying conventions and breaking fashion rules. . . guess it’s all good.


Length rules earrings

It does. And do we love it’s rule


Boho lavishness

Layered precious stones and vintage hair bands are all the boho chic you need for your romantic lacy maxi.


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