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Fashion Resolutions 2017: After Impactful Style

  1. Buy treasures

    With landfills fast filling with fast fashion, buying for keeps and for durability can only get more important. We not only get to play a small role in contributing to a cleaner planet, we also get to more presently experience and participate in the shopping process whether by spending much more less often, by getting to know the stories of items and their creators and even by custom fitting and ordering.

    This new year, we buy preciously, we buy items we can treasure.


  2. Develop a style personality

    Having a sense of style goes beyond wearing good clothes. This coming year, our style personalities constitute gorgeous dress and accessory choices that bring out the best in us while honoring our values. Think Michelle’s embrace of American fashion designers with a tendency towards social justice.

  3. Voice a stand

    Take a stand and voice it with the power within your clutch. This year, we buy from brands that share our stands, those that boldly live up to our values. And we boycott the ones that do not.

    Your boycott alone might not change the working conditions of garment workers, but our boycott certainly will. Let’s get started.


  4. Live bold

    Courtesy of my big sister, I learnt this past year that our own fear of judgment and loss of reputation is linked to our harsh judgment of others. This year, we let people around us be, and in so doing we let ourselves be.

    We go for things we want, we let ourselves be in our careers, in our relationships, and in our wardrobes.

  5. Live better

    We take every chance we get to live and be better — we dedicate more time to people at dinner than to instagram and snapchat, we travel more, we drink more water, we make better use of gym memberships, we read more, we better our work ethic, we buy better, we experience more, we forgive completely, we love deeper, we take back control.


Happy New Year 2017!

We can’t wait to see how your style grows — create an account to share you growth!



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