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3 ways to make your ethical capsule look sufficiently in vogue for spring 2019 trends

At Yakutti, we partner with designers who have compelling brand stories and whose design processes are ecologically and socially conscious. Naturally, our customers are engaged and conscious as well, and part of such consciousness can entail keeping an ethical capsule wardrobe that does not keep expanding for the sake of expanding.

Can an ethical capsule get boring? We don’t think so. You can always remix essentials in novel exciting ways that play up to trends if you are looking for some fashion-forward fun. For spring 2019, we have some tips!

1. Wear neutral essentials of the same color in a tonal outfit.

Yes, we are currently in love with monochrome outfits. All the neutral essentials in your wardrobe, won at once, will make for a fashion-forward utility look.



2. Mix prints

This gets bold, but yes, match up pieces that have different prints for a currently trendy mixed prints’ look.


3. Mix florals.

Florals are always, always, spring ready. Mix different florals. Mix florals with prints and with tie dyes. And see more tips for braving bold prints here.


4. Tonal sunny

Reds, burnt oranges, golden chorals in the Pantone 2019 range – wear different textures and fabrics in a monochrome outfit — basically a more vibrant version of the tonal neutrals in 1. above.


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