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Dressing for work doesn’t have to suck: These 3 Fun Updates Will Transform Your Mornings

Dressing for work, especially for a conservative workplace, can be a dull affair. Turns out, curating befitting cuts that are both fashion-forward and universally flattering can bring back all the fun. Here’re our top 3 this season.

Modern utility

Remember Priyanka Chopra at the MET gala? We know what you’re thinking. All that bare shoulder. And should an ambulance be on stand-by just in case a colleague stumbles over that long train? Yeah, noted.

We have in mind her reduced party version, perhaps a little longer and with a covered shoulder, but still retaining the crisp structured look.

This trend is all about serious navies, khakis, olive greens and camels, tailored in clean cuts and no-frills silhouettes.


Shirts deconstructed

Add an elegant extra to your plain shirts, and you’re right en vogue with a deconstructed shirt.

For casual days, your deconstructed extra could be a bare-back detail, or an off shoulder. For work, your fun options include asymmetry, a side bow or knot, a few ruffles.

Better still, pair you deconstructed shirt with a pair of pants or culottes, or a midi skirt, that is modern utility.


Bold stripes.

If it’s not already obvious, bold stripes are our favorite trend of the season.We must have typed that a million times. At least if feels that way.

What’s not to love? They are easy to wear. The directional choices are endless. They can be super bold, or super classic. They can be paired with modern utility. And they can be worn on a deconstructed shirt!

Read more below for off-duty fashion-forward looks! And create a style account to share your tips and access exclusive limited edition jewelry and prices.

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