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Men’s & Women’s Fashion: The 5 Outfits Your Summer Style Needs To End With A Bang

Try these fun wardrobe investments before the warm season is over, and all you can do is stare longingly at a closet that never reached it’s full potential.



1. Chinos

A step above khakis, and one below dressy pants, this is your ticket to understated dressed up! Experiment with prints and colors.


2. The popover

Another inbetween outfit, that makes a classier statement than a polo, but avoids the overstatement of a button-down. Err on slim fitted styles.


3. The bold short.

Slim silhouette, a few, one or two, inches above the knee, not too tight or short, but not big either, this short makes a statement about your confidence


4. The V-neck

Yeah, we’ve heard the argument too. V-neck vs. crew neck, blah blah. . .

The -neck gives you a controversial cool. Just stay away from deep plunging necklines and cheap fabrics.


5. The polo

Easiest to wear. Slim fits are best. You probably own one but might want a color revamp.



1. A white little perfection

White’s the season’s color. Your white perfection could be a romper, a dress-shirt, a playful dress, a halter dress, or a coat dress. Dress it up with
vibrant espadrilles and shoulder bag or clutch for a day out in the sun – caramel’s our current favorite.


2. Airy prints

Beautiful ethereal prints, on a beautiful lightweight fabric – worn on a jumpsuit, wide legged pants, romper, or culottes – are all you need for a breezy
elegant look.


3. The straw hat

Practical meets stylish. Spot this one for a perfect day on the beach, at a picnic, or at café’s outdoor seating pretending to read


4. Maxi

A lightweight maxi dress or skirt, that billows in the wind to cool you down, yet protects your skin from the sun’s glare is a definite must have


5. Something high-waisted

Because how else do you pull off a bralette or a crop top. Try high waisted shorts, full skirts, A-line skirts, wide-legged pants, flare jeans, e.t.c.

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