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One Of Fall’s Cool Corner Trend: Fringes Styled

It’s one of this season’s coolest trends, and yes, we are late catching up on it, which means you might be quite ahead of us!

Fringes! Well-worn, they are bound to add an edgily sophisticated look to your outfit. The trick?Ensuring you end up edgy, not costumed up!

To avoid turning your outfit into a costume, we have 3 tricks up our sleeves

  • Limit the fringe detail to only one piece, and if you must have it on another piece, let it be more subtle
  • Get outfits with fringes positioned to drape naturally with the rest of the outfit, for instance a skirt with flowing fringe detail towards the hem is a safer bet than one with fringes originating from side seams.
  • Pair pieces with hug fringe volume with more minimalist silhouettes e.g. a fringed kimono with skinny jeans, a fringed outer cashmere sweater with a sheath dress, e.t.c.


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We hope you try some fringe on! Our wish list has a suede mini-skirt/dress with medium-length fringes, in caramel or black, paired with a tucked crisp-white form-fitting blouse, and a pair of knee high boots.

If you’re a little unsure, start with jewelry and accessories (see our pins) that have subtle details, then let yourself get bold – imagine a fringed body chain paired with an elegant jumpsuit with a plunging neckline!

Happy shopping.

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photo credit: IMG_8936 Spring street fashion via photopin (license)

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