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Some Summer 2017 Fashion Trends Are Insane! But These 3 Are Super Easy To Pull Off

When it comes to effortless and fabulous summer dressing, a few style rules are non-negotiable – it needs to be lightweight, easy to move around in and versatile.

Lucky for us, amidst all the craze that is summer 2017 fashion trends, some do tick all the right boxes, and then some!

1. Bold Stripes

Stripes continue to be a massive trend this season. Only, to up the ante, the summer variation includes daring bold stripes of all colors.

Embrace the nautical style by choosing pretty cotton dresses covered in cool blue stripes.

For more formal events, there’s nothing more classic than a pair of crisp white linen pants matched with an off-the-shoulder top in trendy stripes.


2. Gorgeous in Gingham

Move over Little Bo Peep, summer 2017 wants your style. This sweet, school-girl trend captures the season’s fun, carefree vibe perfectly.

Gingham is everywhere – structured plaid blouses with billowing bell sleeves, pleated midi skirts covered in gingham check, even ballet flats made of checkerboard gingham squares.

When styling your plaid patterns, it’s best to play up the cute, relaxed feel. An off-the-shoulder gingham dress, for example, looks ace worn with espadrille flats. Or how about sassy black-and-white gingham pants styled simply with a plain white T-shirt?

Then there’s foolproof denim to bring out the nostalgic, classic feel of gingham. Pull out those boyfriend jeans or cut-off denim shorts to toughen up the look of girly gingham


3. Embroidered Denim

Patchwork designs filled runways and stores throughout fall and winter so it’s only fair that summer gets in on the trend too. Embroidered motifs are all the rage for the carefree sunny months too.

Dip your toes into the embroidery fad by looking for cool denim cuts embroidered with pretty summertime florals.

We love the holiday feel of ruffled denim covered in embroidered flowers – from big, tropical leaves to delicate paisley flowers.

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