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Those Brigitte Macron Style A-Line Minis! But Yeah, That “7 Or 8 Children Per Woman” Statement Was Racist.

We love that the French first family’s mere existence challenges notions about age and gender. And we especially love the Brigitte Macron style that seems to have taken, deliberately or not, an anti-ageist stance.

Regardless, the French President might just have fallen down a peg or two in our books, following his incredibly simplistic argument that spending billions in Africa is pointless given that women over there have 7 or 8 children each. To be clear, spending billions on fragmented developmental initiatives doesn’t advance Africa, so the idea that spending billions is a good thing needs rethinking. Secondly, Macron needs to brush up on his geography, and more importantly on his data, and to probably sit in an economic sociology class.

Now that we’ve that covered. . . Don’t you just adore Brigette Macron’s choice of dresses and skirts? They are formal in their solid colors, but so lightly chic in their short A line silhouettes. Definitely a look to try!

Brigitte Macron Style Inspiration
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Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers

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