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Glamorous For Fall Weddings & Holiday Parties: Here’s What To Wear To A Fall Party Courtesy Of Emmys 2017

Pumpkin spice lattes, clean crispy air, breathtaking blends of oranges, reds, magentas, yellows and their in-betweens, just a few of the things to love about fall. Then there are the fall parties, from holiday parties to fall weddings. So, what to wear to a fall party?

We have ideas! We stole them from the Emmys 2017 red carpet.

1. Top choice, gorgeously jumpsuited

Our top choice drapes flatteringly, is head-to-toewhite and trendy, and is downright gorgeous for the fall parties that will require touches of glam.

We are in love with the wide-legged bottoms and the button embellishments. And we think the styling with a white clutch and long studs works really well.


But, if this is way off your alley and you prefer dresses for holidays, these two were our favorites.

2. Sparkling simplicity

There’s little explaining needed here, but the silver shoes and the matching drop earrings only make the sparkling silver and lime so much better.


3. Florals made possible

Sparsely beautiful florals on dark neutrals. This mix makes it possible to wear florals to a holiday party gorgeously. A sexy slit doesn’t hurt either.


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